Twilight Sparkle in Babes in Toyland (1961): Twilight and Frosty's Christmas in June is a third movie, and a sequal to Twilight Sparkle Gets Frozen.



Quote 1Edit

  • Frosty: There must be something I can do alone that wouldn't hurt the family, or even Anna and Elsa. There's also must be something to get Anna and Elsa to forgive each other. Maybe I can give both Barnaby and Discord something in exchange. But what do I have that they want?
  • Barnaby: What indeed? His button nose?
  • Discord: His corncob pipe?
  • Ernie: He does have something. I don't know. He might have something. Why not asked Aku?
  • Aku: Frosty the Snowman has his own magic, which could prove quite valeable.
  • Barnaby: Really?
  • Discord: Tell us. What is it?
  • Aku: His hat. Let me show you both, old masters.

Quote 2Edit

  • Discord: I don't need Barnaby! I still got my Element of Disharmony! Distruct to you all!
  • Lady: This one looks like my job!
  • Elsa: But Lady, they're only blanks in those toy cannons.
  • Lady: Yeah, but the toy cannons are made of iron!
  • Discord: No! NOOOOOO! My, my powers are gone! When the Element of Disharmony dies, I go too. I turn... I turn, turn... I... turn... into a... statue.


  • Anna and Elsa (from Frozen) and Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) guest star in this film.
  • Ernie and Aku guest star working with both Discord and Mr. Barnaby.
  • In this crossover film, Frosty was protoyed by Philip McGhee, wearing Final Form cosplay, two white gloves (which he puts them on the bottom of the two finger-less gloves), toy red nosed, and the black cap, including Jakyia (only she doesn't wear a black cap.)